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Cat Staring Out of Window

Cat Colony Spay/Neuter

We provide catch and release trapping for strays and cat colonies in order to get them spayed or neutered and receive a rabies vaccination. If there are kittens or the cat could be socialized we sometimes do adoption placement for those cats.


Need help with a stray cat or colony? Contact for more information:

Kitten Holler Colonies

Meet the colonies Kitten Holler has worked with in the past and present. 

  • Mill Creek Colony

The Mill Creek Colony is where it all began for Kitten Holler. Abby had seen several different litters of kittens playing in the street. When she stopped to ask a property owner about them, she found out they were strays, who several neighbors were feeding. Over a few weeks of patterning the colony and talking to caretakers, she discovered there were three adult males, four adult females, and ten kittens in the colony. Abby got to trapping., first by loring cats into carriers and later with humane traps.


To date, all but one adult female has been neutered/spayed. Four of the adults were moved to a farmer's barn where they are far from traffic and have access to shelter and food. Six of the older kittens were released on Kitten Holler's property, where they have access to a heated chicken coup, food, and water. Two of the females were returned to the area. Four of the younger kittens were successfully adopted to homes where they will live their lives indoors and spoiled. 

  • Shaffers Run Colony

Kitten Holler is actively working with this large colony. The colony originated with a handful of dropped cats that the property owners were unable to spay and neuter. Currently, it includes at least 25 cats.


Kitten Holler has placed six kittens from this location, including Stardust, a female kitten who had a severe eye infection requiring surgery. We've spayed and returned four adult females and neutered and returned two of the adult males. These cats are very well socialized and several of the adult cats are great candidates for adoption. 

  • Stone Coal Colony

A community member notified Kitten Holler of this colony in October 2021. There were at least seven adult cats and three kittens when we first visited. The kittens and an adult male have been sterilized and adopted. An adult female has been spayed and returned. The four remaining adults are schedules for surgery at the end of March! 

  • Kelley's Colony

One of Kitten Holler's board members, Kelley, found this colony. The caretaker is an older gentleman, who has been overwhelmed by an abundance of cats. There are at least four adult females and three adult males. Three kittens were immediately removed and placed in foster care when an older tom cat began to harass them.


Kelley adopted a beautiful black kitten from this colony. His name is Sapphire. The youngest, Cheeto, (as seen in the photo) was adopted on the spot by a fellow Mill Creek resident. 

  • Harding Colony

Kitten Holler was notified of the Harding Colony in December 2021. There was a litter of young kittens, so we provided trapping supplies to the caretakers. They trapped four kittens, who would become known as the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Kittens." All have been placed in forever homes. 

Kitten Holler is returning to this colony at the end of March to begin trapping adults to be sterilized and returned. 

Kitten Holler Future Colony Projects

Meet some of the colonies that Kitten Holler will begin working in the near future. 

  • Alley Cats Colony

Kitten Holler was called in about six cats leaving next to a bowling alley. There is a mom and four offspring too old to be socialized, as well as, a sixth cat.

  • Elkins Colony 1 

Located near the college baseball fields, this colony of six adults is being provided for by a couple of caring neighborhood residents. 

  • Elkins Colony 2

Located near the college, this colony includes about twelve cats under one year of age and several adults. They are being provided with food and winter shelters. 

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