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Ginger Cat

About Kitten Holler

Kitten Holler is an informal cat and kitten rescue based in Mill Creek, WV. It is run by Abby Hohn with the help of community members. Kitten Holler specializes in trap-neuter/spay-return and getting kittens off the street, socialized, and adopted. Kitten Holler also helps community members access affordable veterinary care and places kittens. 

Kitten Holler is a nonprofit service. We cannot function as a shelter and we do not accept animals. 

We are able to function thanks to generous donations.

Our Team

Interested in volunteering or fostering kittens? Contact us!

Abby Hohn


Matt Brenwalt


Our Team

Our Board

Kitten Holler is actively recruiting board members. To nominate yourself or someone you know, email Abby Hohn at

our board
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